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1. Instrumental Guitar Blues

2. Two White Horses   111k
3. Trouble in Mind   145k
4. Catfish Blues   125k
5. John Henry   139k
6. How Long Blues   146k
7. Ezekial Saw The Wheel   148k
8. Jack o' Diamonds   131k
9. Water Boy (Bring That Water 'Round!)   168k
10. Six Little Puppies and Twelve Little Shaggy Hounds   130k
11. In The Evenin' When The Sun Goes Down   154k
12. Old Blind Barnabus   130k
13. Moses Smote The Water   120k
14. Spoken interlude ("Thinkin' About Death")   75k
15. Rabbit On The Log   145k
16. Come and See About Me   142k
17. 33 Blues ("God Knows I Can't Last Long!")   97k
18. She's real gone   169k
19. I Wonder   183k
20. Untitled Blues   119k
These recordings are not just "rare," they are unique, with Hooker reaching way back to his roots, and singing for me, songs that he never recorded commercially!

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